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Development Strategies

Taking a quality-by-design approach to developing viable drug candidates

At ProtoForm, we take a quality-by-design approach to our development process. Taking advantage of the technology we have available on site in a non-GMP research environment gives us the ability to deliver comprehensive and robust formulations in a timely fashion, a convenience not available through other development laboratories that are hampered by red tape. Our experienced consulting gives you the knowledge and application of modern theory to deliver quality formulations. We pride ourselves on the education, experience, and training our staff has. You can, therefore, be assured that you're getting an experienced and versatile staff working on your project and can be confident of the quality of work our development process yields.

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A vital component of our development strategy is that we take detailed measurements throughout the development process. This gives our clients tangible data throughout development and makes the process of scaling-up the drug candidate much more straightforward. For instance, we use a state-of-the-art computer monitored development tablet press that allows us to circumvent many formulation development problems, putting your project in a position to be successful further on in the process.

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