Protoform, Inc.

Formulation Development

Our versatile research enviroment and equipment delivers comprehensive development data

ProtoForm follows a strict quality by design philosophy. We believe that quality and modern concepts must pervade all aspects of the formulation development process. By utilizing a versatile research environment, modern equipment, and comprehensive analytical analysis we are able to deliver quality formulations along with comprehensive development reports.

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ProtoForm's staff has vast experience in a wide variety of formulations: from solid orals including immediate release and controlled release formulations, to suspensions and injectables. No matter how many prototypes we are working with, our extensive collection of equipment gives us the versatility to develop whatever you need. While developing these processes, we ensure the integration of the most state-of-the-art technologies available, such as an instrumented tablet press. This enables you to seamlessly transition through the product formulation stage of your project and get to market faster.

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