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Rent warehouse space and have your materials inventoried and tracked

ProtoForm has the capability to store any client’s materials in our warehouse. Whether it’s active pharmaceutical ingredients or excipients, we can store it in our facility and have it ready for whenever it’s needed by your team. Thanks to our tracking measures, we have the capability to track your materials during their time in storage at our facility. This means it’s not necessary that you remain in the area to monitor your materials. Instead, we take the reins and provide you with a timely point of reference for tracking material, taking inventory, checking quantities, and informing you of remaining amounts.

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Warehousing services can be enormously useful if your company has minimal infrastructure under its ownership or a geographically-disparate staff. By renting our space, there’s no need to make any long-term commitments or investments in storage facilities—simply use our facility as you need it.

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